10 tips for living in your first off-campus apartment

Dorm life is a horrible experience for me. Cupboard is weak, my roommate and I do not exactly get along, they will easily become cluttered with clothes and I shared a bathroom with three other girls – none of whom choose to clean.

That being said, I am more than happy to pitch the idea of moving into an apartment with my parents for my second year in college. Since my brother was allowed the same privilege, I figured it would be easier for me to get my way. I just need to find the best bang for my investment. My parents refused to pay more than $ 600 for rent, (keep in mind I went to school in Austin, so $ 600 is pretty cheap) but I need a place that is a good size, offering my bedroom on my own and, of course , a kitchen.


Since moving into my first apartment, I was more than disappointed at the lack of amenities in the living room I was allocated to me. Where I expect revitalized, cozy nest, I have met with pest and damaged equipment.

I was in a precarious position in which to stay my second year in college, so to ease the burden on apartment dwellers future find new pad luxury, here is a list of 25 things you need to do / know before moving into your apartment college first.

1. Do not base your opinion off the apartment complex models they show you during your visit. Talk to people who lived there before you and get their opinion before you sign the lease.

2. Make sure you know at least one of your roommate.

3. grocery store in bulk. Buy a bunch of flesh, cut them and freeze them so you will have an idea of dinner is provided.

4. Write down and take a picture all wrong with the apartment when you move. That way, you will not be charged for property damage when it is time for you to go.


5. Get to know your neighbors.

6. Create a Google doc with your roomie to document who is bringing what so you do not all appear to move in the day to copy items.

7. Your parents will probably get you a bunch of cleaning supplies for your apartment – using it.

8. Remember what groceries you buy. And if you lost something, do not be afraid to deal with both your roommate about it.

9. Use the form to request maintenance when needed. Do not fear that you will interfere with the management of your complex. Paying $ 600 a month for rent means 600 for everything in your apartment to be perfect.

10. Do not forget to pay your rent – their late fees can be a killer.

Time-resolved and procedures

The amount of time (days) of no more than 18 working days, as follows:

a) IPA will receive the application files and check the validity of their compliance with the law, move it to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment for completion within 01 working days.

b) Department of Natural Resources and Environment will receive, evaluate the application files are transferred, sent a request to Consultance attached with the application file to the relevant departments and agencies (if necessary) and transfer of financial investors to determine the financial obligations. After receiving a written response from the institutions, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to sign certificates of land use rights and ownership of housing and others are attached to the land and sent out to the IPA to provide to investors, within 16 working days


The relevant departments responsible for Consultance Meanwhile, the Provincial Department of Taxation is responsible for determining the financial obligations. Later, they informed decisions to investors (by type) to align with investors to meet their financial obligations and transfer receipts to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, within 05 working days from receipt of the written request for Consultance Department of Natural Resources and Environment ,

c) IPA shall give the results to investors in official IPA (after investors meet their financial obligations as notified by the Department of Taxation) and send a copy of the original receipt for payment of financial obligations to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to be filed within 01 working days.


I. Case 1: Issuance of certificates in case of no characteristics related to land or no request to certify the properties related to land or properties related to land owned by others.

1. Request for issuance of the certificate (in the form of standard no. 01 / DK-GCN enclosed with the Circular No.17 / 2009 / TT-BTNMT dated 21 October 2009, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)

2. Report of the funds currently managed and used (in the form of standard no. 07 / DK covered by Circular No. 09/2007 / TT-BTNMT dated August 2, 2007, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)

3. One of the following certificates of land use rights:

– Should win land use right auction: Auction results recognized in writing by the State authorities; certificate of land; and related maps (s).

– In the case of land use rights recognized by the authority of the State: The decision on the recognition of land use rights; land lease contracts; and related maps (s).

– In the case of land recovery, land allocation, land lease and land use change: The decision on the allocation of land or land use change approval decision (on the ground who have agreed to cleanup the site); certificate of land (if any); land lease contracts; and related maps (s).

The case is not issued certificates of land use rights

Under Article 19 of Decree No. 43/2014 / ND-CP detailing the implementation of the Land Law stipulates: The absence of certificate of land use rights and assets attached to the land as follows:
Organizations and community land allocation by the State to manage under the circumstances specified in Article 8 of the Law on Land.
Who are managing, use of agricultural land belonging to public land fund of the communes, wards and towns.The tenant, who rented land from land use, unless the lease or sublease of investors building business infrastructure in industrial zones, industrial parks, export processing zones, high-tech zone , economic sector.
Who receive land in farms, forestry farms, enterprises of agriculture, forestry, management of protection forests and special-use forest management boards.

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Who are using the land is not eligible for certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land.
Land users are eligible for certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land but has announced a decision to withdraw the land or the state agency having jurisdiction.
Organizations, communal People’s Committee assigned land by the State without collection of land use fees for use for the purpose of building public works including roads, water projects, resulting gasoline, oil, and gas; electricity transmission lines, the transmission of information; area outdoor recreation; cemetery, graveyard no business purpose.
Papers eligible to be granted certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land under the 2013 Land Law.

As stipulated in Article 100 of the Land Law of 2013. Households and individuals are using stabilized soil which has one of the following documents shall be issued a certificate of land use rights, house ownership and other assets attached to the land and not pay land use fees:
“A) The papers on land use rights before October 15, 1993 by the competent authorities in the course of implementation of the land policy of the State of North Vietnam, the Provisional Revolutionary Government the Republic of South Vietnam and the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
b) Certificate of land use temporary agency competent State or registered in the register of land, cadastral register before October 15, 1993;
c) legal papers on inheritance or donation of land use rights or assets attached to land; home delivery papers gratitude, love attached to the land;
d) Papers transfer of land use rights, house purchase tied to the land prior to October 15, 1993 by commune-level People’s Committees confirmed as having been used before October 15, 1993;
e) Papers liquidation and sale of houses attached to residential land; papers to buy houses under state ownership in accordance with the law;
e) Documentation of land use rights by the competent authorities of the former regime for land use;
g) other documents established before October 15, 1993 as stipulated by the Government. ”
Households and individuals currently using land with one of the documents specified in paragraph 1 of this Article in writing stating the name of another person, together with papers on land use right transfer signed by the stakeholders, but before this law comes into effect yet implemented procedures for transfer of land use rights as prescribed by law and there is no dispute that the land will be granted certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land and not pay land use fees.

Residential communities are using land with works being communal houses, temples, shrines, from the road, their churches; agricultural land specified in Clause 3 of Article 131 of this law and the land is not disputed, is the People’s Committee of the commune where the land is identified as land use for the community will be granted use rights certificate land, housing ownership and other assets attached to the land.